Monday, November 1, 2010

Hunting Season 2010

Hunting season started off with a scouting trip to find the Elk. During this little adventure my husband put my camera on the back of the 4 wheeler, forgot about it and ended up running it over when it fell!!!! I'm going to buy a camera for just hunting!!!!

Here are some pics of the Elk my husband, Danny got. Everyone was very excited about it because it was really big. I mean quite a few ppl living in our small town had to come to our house and have a look.

After this fun time came the Deer hunting. My son Tristan got the biggest deer! Here is a picture of his.

Next my husband, Danny and my oldest son, Lane, came home with a deer each. Theirs were pretty good sized also. They are all entered into a Deer Pool and stand at first, second and third place so far. The Deer Pool continues till the middle of December. Here are the pics of the Deer.

My husband keeps saying that this year has been a good year and I agree!

Monday, September 13, 2010


This site has got to be the BEST site I've found that gives you the coolest 80's T-shirts! Of course, I grew up in the 80's so I love T-shirts that remind me of "the good old days!"

This is the T-shirt I chose after a LONG TIME debating. I choose this shirt because The gremlins movie was one that scared me and amazed me. I mean come on a little furry thing driving a barbie car??!! I went ahead and ordered the XL and was hoping beyond hope that it would fit. Some places use Junior sizes and I really needed a bigger size. I opened the box and was so delighted to find a shirt my size and loved the great quality of it!! It made it threw the wash in perfect order! 

Heres the shirt I ordered... DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT?!

After receiving this T-shirt I went back to the web site to see which other T-shirt I would be buying!
These are some 80's ones!


I just loved these movies!!

This will be my NEXT gizmo purchase!

I just hated when that happened!

These are just a few of the T-shirts that you can find from the crazy dog company, so head on over there and get your "blast from the past" T-Shirt!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This party took place July 27... I know, I know that was like forever ago but hey at least I got around to this now!!! 
I got this party idea from

As you saw, Kendelle and I made her cake... something we usually do.
I went ahead and let her open this present before the party because it came in handy during the party.

Here we took the idea of the party table, unfortunately this picture came out way dark because of us darkening the room for the ambiance.
I found a twilight table cloth at party city with the characters pics on it. I took plastic red apples (walmart). I purchased several glass containers at our local thrift store to put cherry hersey kisses with the vampire kiss or werewolf kiss on the bottom, twizzlers, hot tamales etc. Put red roses in a vase.  Put satin black and red ribbons, chess pieces (dollar store), framed pictures of the characters (frames dollar store, pics offline) and added red and black balloons.

I purchased a huge roll of plastic papering that was black with stars (yay twilight)... here is part of it

This pic shows the balloons on the ceiling. My very intelligent and creative daughter, Acacia 18, noticed that when she put 2 long mirrors next to each other and stood in just the right spot away from them, you can't see your reflection. She put a sign on the floor for the girls to read. It said "you are amongst vampires, stand here and look into the mirror to find out if you are one too!"  That sure was a success!! Kendelle's presents were placed in front of the mirrors. 

Here is a pic of the twinkle lights we strung up for the "prom scene"

I put this pic here to show the streamers hanging from the "doorway". We sprayed each girl when they came in the door with silver glitter spray so they could sparkle like  diamonds ( like edward in the meadow)!!! In the invite we had each girl wear black and red.

Here, are some of the girls looking into their gift bags. In them I put a race car hotwheel (like edwards), a fork (ha ha), a red bead necklace, a small roll of bandage (bella was always hurting herself), a chess piece, big red gum and a book mark we made from the pattern on the website.

Heres the cake lite up!!! I just had to add this!

Here they are playing that 'eclipse' game.

This party was such a hit!!! The kids talked about it for quite awhile!!!
Good ideas if you have a girlie that loves twilight or hey a ADULT PARTY cuz lots of us love TWILIGHT!!!


So check this one out....
Last night after Kendelle got out of the shower, I noticed she had been eating lik m stick powder!!!!


"WHAT IS ON YOUR FACE?!" I said, totally freaked out because school was the next day and well, shes a 6th grader... enough said about that  eh hmmmm... lovely isn't it???

Ofcourse, since I'm trying to be a blogger, I grab my camera!  "GREAT PHOTO OPP!" I'm thinking.... Shes starting to freak now too lol and says "MOM GOOGLE HOW TO GET IT OFF ME!!!" HA HA... Thats just what we did and heres how it went!!!

Take some tooth paste... yep tooth paste

Squirt some of that bad boy on your hands and rub it into the stain like you were using soap!

Then take a wash cloth and rub that tooth paste and stain right off there!!!

The only draw back she said was " I was overwhelmed by the tooth paste smell!"

 She suggests that if you have "kiddie" tooth paste, use it because berry or bubble gum will smell way better than vanilla mint!!!

So, voila! That was our little stressed out episode at the last minuate before bedtime!!!    Don't ya just love it??!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Our little Farmers Market in Tonopah makes a fun time for our family!
We have a place call the "Pocket Park".

Our Farmers Market may be small but it is well worth visiting. Our venders have worked hard in their gardens, baking and the best part cooking!!

Here is a fellow that makes the BEST homemade tamales!!!

There is a wide variety of things to choose from... I never know where to start looking for the things I want to buy!!!

These were only a very small variety of things there, I just got caught up in the fun stuff and got carried away!

The B-B-Q was WONDERFUL!!!  My daughter and I had the pork, corn on cob and zucchini bread meal...

A woman from the Bela Vita Salon sets up here with massages!!!

But the funnest thing the kids liked today was the FACE PAINTING!!
My niece, Ashlynne and nephew Kasen and my daughter Kendelle loved it!

And this was the fun thing we did on LABOR DAY!!! Having time with family is the best!!!